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Much has been said about the importance of reading at grade-level by 3rd grade on future educational achievement. But for many students in impoverished areas nationwide, “book deserts” hinder their ability to build and practice those crucial literacy skills.

In a book desert, residents don’t have print books immediately available via public libraries or bookstores for a couple of miles or much more.

In Nashville, Maplewood High School English teacher Jarred Amato set out to solve this problem. Project Lit is an initiative that began as a class project to deliver books to areas lacking access via converted newsstands. This community has since grown to include book club programs with chapters nationwide.

Read on for an amazing interview by Education Dive with Amato. Learn more about Project Lit’s growth, how success is being measured, and what’s next for the program.

An amazing interview by Education Dive with Jerrod Amato who began the Project Lit Community which has led to diverse book clubs discussing nationwide.
Photo Credit: Project Lit

Find More Here from Education Dive: Project LIT: How a Nashville educator turned a class project into a nationwide movement

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