A NEW Book Trailer Service!

by Katya Szewczuk
Hi KidLit TV! Over the years I have created many book trailers for authors, illustrators and publishers, to help support their work and create; as Julie Gribble says, “mini book movies”. I have worked with clients such as Candlewick Press, Macmillan Kids, HarperCollins and more. One book trailer was even featured at the Bologna Children’s Book Festival in 2016 making the book trailer service international. 
After working with Julie on this project, we’ve decided to re-launch and re-brand the service to continue supporting authors and their books! Included with the book trailer service is a voiceover and audiobook service as well. Voice overs will be included in every book trailer, but also separate if you need a narration or simple reading of your book, comic, you name it. 
You can find examples of my work on my website and reach out to me via email at [email protected]

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Executive Producer – Julie Gribble

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