Pirate’s Peril: A Crimson Cloak Quest Book Trailer

In PIRATE’S PERIL, readers will have to decide to brave this Crimson Cloak Quest.  In this second book in the Crimson Cloak Quest series, you will find yourself on a pirate ship bound for Bone Island in search of Evil Eye Bart’s treasure.

By chance you find a map to guide you, but it gives you no real idea of the danger and death defying perils that await you on your journey and on the island itself. You begin your quest with little to help you, but if you make your choices with care you might be lucky.

Additionally, you will face many strong adversaries, determined to end your quest almost before it begins. Lastly, need to roll your dice well to ensure you embark on your quest with as much Vigour, Agility and Psi as possible. During your adventure, you will need every bit of all three to achieve your goal, believe me.

Will you find the treasure when so many before you have failed? Indeed, will you even survive? Are you brave enough to embark on this quest? Decide now, because once you begin there will be no turning back.

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