Pin Pon ? Sing-Along Nursery Rhyme

Pin Pon ? Sing-Along Nursery Rhyme

Benji’s artwork comes to life in a magical way, and kids are invited to see what his cardboard cutout, Pin Pon, does with his day! Watch and listen to this free online music video to learn the words and sing along to ‘Pin Pon’ in both Spanish and English! This music video includes the lyrics on screen, making it easier for parents to teach their toddlers the words. Pin Pon’s day is full of activities that your child may be familiar with; so encourage your preschooler to put into practice the new words they’ve learned in two languages by describing their everyday activities, whenever they can.

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LYRICS (Español/English)

Pin Pon Pin Pon es un muñeco muy guapo y de cartón,
se lava la carita con agua y con jabón.
Se desenreda el pelo con peine chiquitín y aunque se dé tirones no llora ni hace así: Ay!
Cuando toma su leche no ensucia el delantal,
pues come con cuidado, como un buen colegial.
Como siempre obedece lo que dice mamá,
estudia las lecciones antes de irse a acostar.
Y cuando las estrellas empiezan a salir,
Pin Pon se va a la cama y se acuesta a dormir.
Pin Pon dame la mano con un fuerte apretón,
que quiero ser tu amiga,
Pin Pon, Pin Pon, Pin Pon.

Pin Pon Pin Pon’s a cardboard cut-out that’s what he’s always been.
He uses soap and water to get his face all clean.
He combs his messy hair out with a comb so very small,
and even though it hurts sometimes, he doesn’t cry at all. Ouch!
And when he has a snack or drinks a cup of milk,
he uses both his hands and doesn’t even spill.
He listens to his mommy every time she speaks.
He always does his homework before he goes to sleep.
And when the stars come out at night, and across the sky they sweep,
he gets under his covers, and nods right off to sleep.
Pin Pon give me your hand now, Stay with me till I’m grown.
And let’s be friends forever,
Pin Pon, Pin Pon, Pin Pon.

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