Celebrate Black Hair During Black History Month

Last year for Black History Month, Georgia art teacher Kymm Daniels celebrated by creating a crafty homage to black hair on the doors to her classroom. When her students walked in, she recounts, they asked her: “‘Miss Daniels, who are they?’ I was like, ‘They are you, or you, they could be anybody.’ It’s something that relates to them, and they just love it.”

Her students weren’t the only ones to love it. Daniels posted pictures and a video of her creations on social media and they quickly went super viral. On Facebook, her video had over 3 million views and her overall post has 75K shares and counting.

Books that celebrate kinky hair, hairstyles and care are a crucial piece of anti-racist education that is missing in most classrooms.

For a curated book list for Black History Month that celebrates Black Hair, read more on Embrace Race.

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