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Read Out Loud | CHICKS RULE!

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Read Out Loud | CHICKS RULE!

Who run the world?! CHICKS! On this episode of Read Out Loud, join author Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen for CHICKS RULE!, a book you might just want to chant instead of read! When one chick runs into injustice — NO CHICKS ALLOWED!! — she raises a feathered rebellion! Chicks of all colors and talents band together and march finding, in the end, the best way to to make things happen is to do it for themselves and do it together! So, whether you are a cool chick, nerdy chick, quiet chick or wordy chick, say it loud and say it proud, CHICKS RULE!


All in step with wing in wing . . . Chicks can conquer anything! Nerdy Chick has been waiting all day for the Rocket Club meeting. But when she gets there, she finds a disturbing sign tacked to the door: “NO CHICKS ALLOWED!!!” Puzzled, then baffled, then just plain mad, Nerdy Chick sets out to change the rules. Along the way, she meets other chicks who are just like her: passionate and determined. From Soccer Chick to Science Chick and Wordy Chick to Yoga Chick, these chicks aren’t willing to take “NO” for an answer. They rally together, march to the barn at the center of town, and—when they hear “NO” once again—chart their own path forward (or, rather, up, up, and away!). A celebration of girl power and community action, Chicks Rule! is the playful, diverse, victorious anthem chicks everywhere will love.

ABOUT Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen never thought she’d grow up to be a writer. As a child, she thought of being a doctor (but she’s afraid of blood), a lawyer (but she doesn’t like losing arguments), a carpenter (but she’s too clumsy), a model (but she likes eating too much), a presidential candidate (but she had a dissolute youth), a UN ambassador (the argument losing thing again)… almost everything but a writer. Using her science background as a springboard, Sudipta began writing nonfiction for children, including Championship Science Fair Projects, Last Minute Science Fair Projects, AIDS, and Autism. She branched out into other nonfiction, including biographies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Jane Goodall, and altogether, Sudipta has written 18 non-fiction books for kids. Sudipta visits schools to share her stories and experience and teaches writing to children and adults. She lives in New Jersey with her family and an imaginary pony named Penny.

ABOUT Renée Kurilla

Renée is a children’s illustrator who loves drawing nature, animals, and working on projects that require a little bit of research. Before transitioning to a full-time freelance career, she was a lead artist at FableVision Studios for nearly 10 years. Her work there has contributed to multiple honors, including the graphic novel ZEBRAFISH (2008), a Junior Library Guild selection, and the Ranger Rick’s Tree House App for the National Wildlife Federation, which won a 2013 Parents’ Choice Award! She currently lives just south of Boston with her illustrator husband Keith Zoo, their fluffy orange cat Timmy, and daughter Zoey.


ABRAMS BOOKS FOR YOUNG READERS publishes picture books and illustrated nonfiction for preschool through middle-grade readers. Some highlights of this award-winning children’s line include Library Mouse; Rosie Revere, Engineer; I Am Yoga; Animalia; Babar’s Museum of Art; Separate Is Never Equal; Maritcha; and 365 Penguins.

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