Library Myth-Busting

From Tri-State Public LIbrary:

When I tell someone that I am a librarian, I often hear one of two responses: “Oh, I love the smell of books” or “That must be fun. You get to read books all day.” I’d like to take a minute to do a bit of library myth busting. I will replace those myths with facts about libraries, what happens in them, and the important role they play in our society.

Take a minute to read the 5 library myth busting facts and replace them with facts about libraries, what happens in them, and the important role they play.

Myth #1: Libraries are only about books.

Libraries still value books, but they have also kept abreast of new sources and formats of information. Examples are periodicals, indexes, audio, and videorecordings are now offered digitally. Public libraries circulate tools and professional clothing for job interviews. College and university libraries host regional archives and digital collections of local works.

The main goal towards which most libraries work is the common good. Libraries make resources available to many people, including those who could not afford their own copy or subscription. Many libraries extend their permanent library collection by hosting materials on reserve for courses. Additionally, patrons may borrow items through our Interlibrary Loan service.

Read on for the rest of this amazing library myth busting on Tri-States Public Library.

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