Sorting Tubs for Library Check-In

From Library Learners:

Do you get overwhelmed by all of the library books that your students check in every day? Our guest blogger Amanda Maslonka shares her genius solution, plus more ways that students can help you keep your school library organized!

Sorting Tubs for Library Check-In

We are a small campus that originally had very low circulation numbers. Students did not visit the library independently, and they were allowed only two books at a time.  I wanted students to visit when they needed to, not just when they had a scheduled class visit.  My first year circulation was almost triple what it had been in previous years, madness!  Book check-in was driving me crazy! 

Sorting Tubs for Library Check-In

By nature, I am VERY ORGANIZED, and I wanted the process of getting books in the hands of kids to be efficient. Efficiency was not what was happening, and the entire process frustrated me.

These amazing strategies for the book drop, allowing students to check in their own books, and new innovative ways to keep kids reading and librarians recommending.

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