3 Ways to Use Summer to Get Kids Reading

From Little Free Library:

3 Ways to Use Summer to Get Kids Reading

Summer is a great season for heading outdoors, trying new things, and exploring interests. Pair summer experiences with books and you give kids the opportunity to both enjoy reading and learn more about their world. To help make the most of summer, Reading Rockets launched Start with a Book where parents and caring adults can find ideas and activities for fun and meaningful interactions around books and things of kid interest.

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Summer is the growing season and a great time for food-related field trips! Interesting experiences like a visit to a farm or farmers market give kids a broader framework for new information they might encounter in books.

You can also take advantage of all the print at the farmers market or grocery store by using it in ways to talk about letters and words and build knowledge about the foods we eat. You’ll find more Cooking and Food fun at Start with a Book, including Grocery Store Literacy printables in English and Spanish and a Bee Thankful smoothie recipe for those fruits you picked up at the market!

Find out more ways to get kids reading during summer on Little Free Library.

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