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Ready Set Draw! The Coatimundi & Capybara from UNTITLED

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READY SET DRAW!  The coatimundi and capybara from UNTITLED

Have you ever drawn a coatimundi? How about a capybara? Have you ever heard of those animals?! No? Well, get ready! On this week’s episode of Ready Set Draw! Tim Young shows us how to draw Carlos the coatimundi and Ignatz the capybara from his book UNTITLED! Learn how to draw lines that look like fur and use brush pens to make marker look like watercolor. Happy drawing!


-Marker or pen
-Sketchbook paper

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Carlos and Ignatz from UNTITLED!

ABOUT the Book

A coatimundi and a capybara (or is it a porcupine?) take the lead in this silly story with a twist ending. Tim Young lets his characters tell the story with scenes readers will likely recognize and brainstorming ideas for Tim’s next book. Will we see these characters again? When he first thought up this book he immediately had a title: “Another Stupid Book By Timothy Young.” But, when someone thought it was a sequel, he didn’t want to use it. After thinking of a bunch of other titles that didn’t quite capture the correct feeling, he started calling it “UNTITLED.” The more he thought about it the more that title seemed perfect for this strange tale.


A steady diet of junk food and too much television in his youth led Timothy Young down the odd career path he now finds himself on. As a boy, he loved to doodle and play with clay. His mother fondly remembers yelling at him for getting Play-Doh stuck in her rug. He remembers all the toys he played with, the books he read and the many hours spent staring at the television set. He watched cartoons every Saturday morning and Abbott and Costello and old black and white monster movies every Sunday morning. When he Tim in 3rd grade. got home from school he would watch more cartoons or Lost In Space or Star Trek re-runs. All the time he was drawing either the characters from these shows or creating his own weird creatures.

The thing he finds most incredible is that he gets to visit schools and talk to students about all of the stuff he has done. The students love the way he reads his books, he gets to draw fun pictures with them and tell them interesting, funny stories. Tim says “It’s almost like being a kid again, without the homework.” He averages about 4 or 5 visits a month during the school year and is hoping to do even more. He has visited schools all over the northeast United States and has set himself the challenge of visiting as many schools in as many new states as he can. He calls it the 50 State Challenge.


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