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StoryMakers with Brian Biggs AT THE FIREHOUSE


StoryMakers with Brian Biggs AT THE FIREHOUSE, Tiny Town Series

Join Rocco and Brian Biggs, creator of Tinyville Town, for a chat about the eighth book in that series, AT THE FIREHOUSE, on this episode of StoryMakers. In order to make the book, Brian toured a real firehouse to find out what goes on behind the scenes when firefighters aren’t battling blazes. Watch and learn the ways a firehouse is like a home — well, a home that you might have to dash out of at any moment and rush to the scene of an emergency, anyway!

ABOUT the Book

In Tinyville Town: At the Firehouse, join Dexter and Firefighter Charlie on a guided tour of the Tinyville Town firehouse. See where the firefighters store their gear, where they eat and rest, and find out what happens when the alarm rings!


ABOUT Brian Biggs

Brian was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1968, and lived there until he was eleven years old. As a kid, Brian drew things, painted things, built things, and generally made stuff up all the time. This is a picture of Brian at around three years old, after having built a tall thing out of blocks.


ABRAMS BOOKS FOR YOUNG READERS publishes picture books and illustrated nonfiction for preschool through middle-grade readers. Some highlights of this award-winning children’s line include Library Mouse; Rosie Revere, Engineer; I Am Yoga; Animalia; Babar’s Museum of Art; Separate Is Never Equal; Maritcha; and 365 Penguins.

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Muriel Feldshuh

It’s wonderful to see an interesting children’s book about the Firehouse and give an extra tribute to the extraordinary Firemen. As a former Library teacher I had the children’ participate in the yearly NYC Fire Safety Contest. We visited the local firehouse and invited firemen to the school. In 1989 I was honored and given an award as the “Fire Safety Teacher of the Year” and was overjoyed to receive an award from the Fire Commissioner Joseph Bruno. It was the first time a teacher was honored. I hope they have kept up this tradition. Congratulations to Brian Biggs on his latest book. I look forward to purchasing many copies of your book and share them with children.


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