Top 6 Funniest Thank You Notes from Kids

From First Book: Top 6 Funniest Thank You Notes from Kids

There’s no better feeling than seeing a kid’s reaction to getting a new book of their very own. Their eyes grow wide, their jaws drop, and they even scream with excitement.

Student Unwrapping Book
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But for many, they’ll write to First Book to let them know how much the books meant to them, after the surprise and delight of first cracking open the cover for the first time.

Kids have a way with words. Some melt our hearts, and others put a smile on our faces.

We hope these Top 6 Funniest Thank You Notes, written by kids, will bring you as much joy as the books brought them!

1. This note from Abigail.

You really didn’t have to be so nice, but if you wanted to do it again, she wouldn’t be mad about it.

Thank You Note Abigail

2. This letter from Sean.

He has his priorities in check and wants to make sure you know.

Thank You Note Sean

3. Lupita’s message

It cuts to the chase: reading for pleasure rules.

Thank You Note Lupita

Read on for the rest of the Top 6 Funniest Thank You Notes from Kids on First Book.

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