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In this episode of Read Out Loud, author David Sable reads WHAT WOULD YOU WISH FOR? a story that inspires us to make the world a more hopeful and more peaceful place.


What Would You Wish For? guides readers young and old through an imaginative, inspirational journey to think about how they can change the world for good. The heartfelt and thought-provoking text encourages children to be kind. Rich, whimsical illustrations help girls and boys realize the potential each person has to make the world a more hopeful and more peaceful place.
100% of the author’s royalties are being donated to UNICEF USA. What Would You Wish For? features:
-An inspiring story that will encourage children of all ages, but particularly children ages 4–8, to make the world a more hopeful and peaceful place
-Whimsical, thought-provoking text by David Sable, Senior Advisor at WPP, the world’s largest company dedicated to Creative Transformation and formerly Global CEO of Y&R
-Beautiful illustrations by Emma Yarlett, (whose work has been selected by Amazon.com and Huffington Post as one of the best picture books of 2015, winner of the Sheffield Bok Award 2017, Oxfordshire Book Award 2017, Stockport Picture Book Award 2017, and nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal 2017)

ABOUT David Sable

Entrepreneur and global social activist, David is dedicated to changing the world for good. Former Global CEO of Y&R, one of the world’s leading global marketing communications companies. He is known for his creativity, content, strategic innovation, and impactful partnerships.
A leading industry thought leader and early digital pioneer, David is a regular contributor to LinkedIn and is a sought-after keynote and inspirational speaker.
David was selected as both a Top 20 Must-Know Global Influencer by LinkedIn, and as a Top 10 Most Generous Marketing Geniuses by Fast Company. Passionate about giving back he serves on the boards of the Special Olympics, UNICEF, and UNCF, and in the commercial world is on the board of directors of American Eagle Outfitters.
World traveler. Gamer. Diehard Doors fan. Grandfather. Hippie at heart.

ABOUT Emma Yarlett

Emma Yarlett is an award-winning author, illustrator, and typographer. Emma’s picture books have achieved global success, won numerous awards, and been adapted into theatrical plays and other media. Emma lives in Falmouth, Cornwall with her husband, Alex, and daughter, Beatrix.

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Nana

I really agree. It sends a good message for kids to follow.”Follow your dreams and help others along the way.”

Kid Lit TV Commenter Denise

I’m unable to hear the story when I click on the play button. Am I doing something wrong?

Kid Lit TV Commenter Julie Gribble

The video should open in a pop-up tab/window. Make sure pop-up windows are allowed on your web browser.

Kid Lit TV Commenter Mr. Lloyd

Great story – encourage your child to write/draw their own wish after reading this book.

Kid Lit TV Commenter scarlie

now i want it raining wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

Kid Lit TV Commenter Anonymous

I love the book
and I wished for my dad to come back home to me but my which never came true.

Kid Lit TV Commenter Jianli

I wish I could come back to canada and meet my teachers and my friends I missed them so much :(

Kid Lit TV Commenter Lazyria

i wish that we have another president and i love this book when im bored this is the book i will read


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