Women of the Book from Tablet Magazine

From Tablet Magazine: Women of the Book

People sometimes ask Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “How many women on the Supreme Court will be enough?” She always answers, “When there are nine.”

Obviously we’re not there yet. But there are nine children’s book biographies of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Nine (9). Published in 2019 alone. There are seven more, by my count, published between 2016 and 2018. Plus the four (so far) published in 2020, with at least three more in the pipeline.

While counting up 2019 RBG books, I kept thinking I was missing one: that pink one with the cute little square format and the adorable illustrations. I racked my brains, combed through all my lists, queried librarian friends, but I could not figure it out. What the heck was that book? Then I remembered. It was not a book about RBG at all. It was a book about Anne Frank.

Perhaps you can understand my confusion. All Jewish children’s biographies that are not about RBG seem to be about Anne Frank. I categorically refuse to count the number of children’s books about Anne Frank. But I do know that in 2019 there were four, making it the first year in history that there were fewer Anne Frank books than RBG books. Yay?


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