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StoryMakers with Caron Levis THIS WAY, CHARLIE

StoryMakers with Caron Levis THIS WAY CHARLIE

Making new friends can sometimes feel tricky whether you are a kid — or a slightly cranky goat! On StoryMakers, Rocco and author Caron Levis chat about the true story of an unusual animal friendship that inspired Caron’s new picture book, THIS WAY, CHARLIE. Watch and join in for a lesson in building friendships!


From the award-winning team behind Ida, Always comes a story about a friendship that grows between a blind horse and a gruff goat. All the animals at the Open Bud Ranch can see that Jack likes keeping his space to himself. But when Charlie arrives, he doesn’t see Jack at all. He’s still getting used to seeing out of only one of his eyes.
The two get off to a bumpy start. At first, Jack is anxious and distrustful. But one day, he summons his courage and guides Charlie to his favorite sunlit field: this way, Charlie. And so begins a powerful friendship that will be tested by life’s storms—but will ultimately change each life for the better.

ABOUT Caron Levis

As a kid, I had this “cozy corner” where I charged 25 cents for “invited guests” (aka my sister) to come hang out. I served lemonade that I’d stolen from the fridge and offered activities such as reading, writing, make-believing, and blowing bubbles since that’s what I liked to do. Still do. I got hooked on books at age two when mom kept reading Good Night Moon and The Very Hungry Caterpillar in her terrific Brooklyn accent. I fell in love with theatre when dad took me to see the Fantasticks and one of the actors ‘fell’ right into my lap. I realized teachers were super cool by hanging out with my grandma, a life-long kindergarten teacher.

ABOUT Charles Santoso

Charles Santoso (Chao) loves drawing little things in his little journal and dreaming about funny, wondrous stories. He gathers inspiration from his childhood memories and curiosities he discovers in his everyday travels.

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