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Add some color to your day! On this episode of Read Out Loud, join Natascha Biebow as she tells the inspiring, true story of Edwin Binney, the inventor of Crayola crayons, in THE CRAYON MAN! 

THE CRAYON MAN, winner of the Bank Street Irma Black Award
for Excellence in Children’s Literature!
ABOUT the Book

Celebrating the inventor of the Crayola crayon! This gloriously illustrated picture book biography tells the inspiring story of Edwin Binney, the inventor of one of the world’s most beloved toys. A perfect fit among favorites like The Day the Crayons Quit and Balloons Over Broadway.
Purple mountains’ majesty, mauvelous, jungle green, razzmatazz…what child doesn’t love to hold a crayon in their hands? But children didn’t always have such magical boxes of crayons. Before Edwin Binney set out to change things, children couldn’t really even draw in color.

Here’s the true story of an inventor who so loved nature’s vibrant colors that he found a way to bring the outside world to children – in a bright green box for only a nickel! With experimentation, and a special knack for listening, Edwin Binney and his dynamic team at Crayola created one of the world’s most enduring, best-loved childhood toys – empowering children to dream in COLOR!

Natascha Biebow (author) Steven Salerno (Illustrator)

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ABOUT Natascha Biebow

I don’t go anywhere without a book (or usually books), in my purse, in my backpack, tucked in the crook of my arm – IN CASE. Here’s a secret: my greatest fear is being stranded somewhere without a book . . . I was the kind of child who read everything – my dad’s newspaper, the cereal box, the signs on the street.
I was born in Johannesburg and grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I went to the American school. The kids who went there were from all over the world!
Most of the books I owned when I was growing up were sent to me for birthdays and Christmases by my grandmother, Granelly, who lived in England. These were treasures that I read up in the bougainvillea tree, where I had a secret perch and no one would disturb me for hours. I woke up early, and read until my family finally got out of bed. I made my mom read The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen over and over again – it made me cry, it was so beautiful. I loved Judy Blume’s Fudge series, Julie of the Wolves, the Narnia books and lots of horse books, including Black Beauty and Misty of Chincoteague. Now, I love to read picture books with my son (and the dog!).

ABOUT Steven Salerno

New York City-based illustrator, children’s book author/illustrator, and character designer, Steven Salerno creates striking illustrations for a wide range of editorial and advertising clients. His style flexes between the graphically simple and whimsical, to more realistic, richly textured images, with some having a retro feel. Over his long independent graphics career, he has created thousands of published illustrations for a list of nearly 600 clients for use in print & web advertising, magazines, newspapers, product packaging, picture books, corporate publications, and retail graphics.

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Anonymous

I love this book so much it sounds very cool and is a visual history of how crayola crayons were made

Kid Lit TV Commenter alex

i love cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Nikki

Do you guys do this all the time? I just got here so I don’t know, but I love it here so much!!!!!!!! ;-; :)

Kid Lit TV Commenter Felix

this story was very good. i liked it. it was fun to learn about how crayons were made!

Kid Lit TV Commenter tayla-rae

i love this site its super nice i can get all my reading done with my grand mother i’m still young so i use sites like these i love this i recommend one other site its called i ready the other is called lexia core 5 reading i recommend one site other story online but out of all of them this is my favorite please tell me what you think i would love to know and if you wanna hear more from me just text in the comment i love singing and reading and gaming so please tell me what you like i would love to know last thing i love this site so much that i wanna just hug all of the people that work on this site i can’t though because of this silly virus i hate this virus it’s keeping me from my friends and mom and stepdad it’s sad for me please reply to this comment plus comment on facebook thank you i love you all so much people bye guys

Kid Lit TV Commenter Julie Gribble

Hi Tayla-Rae! Thank you so much! We love you, too, and are so happy to create all of this for you. We love Storyline, and will be sure to check out the others! Thank you for those brilliant suggestions. I love singing, too. And I also love cats — that’s why the logo for KidLit TV is a cat! =^..^=
It’s so hard to be away from family and friends. I know they must miss you, too. Sending BIG HUGS back to you from all of us here.

Kid Lit TV Commenter Allicia

hii i love your book its inspiring me to work hard to read and color thank you TwT

Kid Lit TV Commenter Annie Lynn

Hey from Philadelphia Tayla-Rae! I know what you mean about loving this website. You get to know the hosts, and authors and illustrators, and you can feel how glad they are that you are listening and watching. They become friends, right? I also know how you feel about this stupid virus. I miss my parents and have seen them twice through a glass window☹️But I want them to be safe, and I want us all to kick this virus’s butt (oops, sorry) by doing what we need to. Social distancing and masks for now.

I started to notice that whenever I sing, I feel better. Do you feel better when you sing? I heard that vibrations from our voice, make our body relax. I have been trying to sing more, and I am even writing songs too. I bet you would be a good songwriter because you ?music. I am sending you two links, with permission from Julie Gribble, the President/Founder of KidlLit TV…..

Because it’s Children’s Book Week, I have two songs for you to sing along with. You can share them with friends if you think others would enjoy, or keep them for your own ears.
This is the Children’s Book Week Fan Song I wrote for this special week…this video is from last year so the poster in it is old, but the song is the same. See if you can sing the words AND do the Deedle-leedle-Lees! Also there is a harmony part so you can sing with a friend on zoom!?


The other song I am sending to you to learn is a sweet song I sang with one of my singers, Amanda. The kids that I sing and record with and I both have the same questions for Authors and Illustrators….WHY did you write your book? Are the characters real…and so many more questions. Listen and sing along with this song, called “Tell Me About Your Book.”

I hope you enjoy singing with them, and that they make you smile, Tayla-Rae. You sound like a fun person to know. Maybe one day we will meet (with parents permission) and sing together. Until then, sending you hugs and admiration for your beautiful spirit, which comes through in your post. Stay safe and well Miss Sunshine?.?✌??????

Kid Lit TV Commenter Gabrielle Ishak

This is a beautiful story of colours. I love it so much because colours make the world more beautiful. Now I know who invented colours ???

Kid Lit TV Commenter Aubrey

I love doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Esmeralda

I love ❤️the one that you had said is the mans ??‍??‍and the book is a good one ☝️.


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