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StoryMakers with Jeanne Bender LINDIE LOU

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StoryMakers with Jeanne Bender LINDIE LOU
Stay Tuned for the premiere of StoryMakers with Jeanne Bender TODAY at 12:30 pm ET!

Get ready for adventure in the Big Apple on StoryMakers as Lindie Lou Adventures author Jeanne Bender tells us about the real puppy who inspired her beginning chapter book series and about the legend behind her newest book LINDIE LOU: BIG CITY MAGIC!


A delightful adventure with a message for kids about how to
live better, more emotionally cognizant lives.

-Midwest Book Review

Educators and parents of children who are past the elementary picture book level and into reading chapter books and longer readers will appreciate the blend of easy language, big print, and illustrations that nudge readers from picture books to longer forms.Parents will also appreciate this story’s focus on courage, flexibility, and facing life changes with hope and creativity as Lindie Lou imparts some basic insights into dealing with life through her adventurous perspective.
Her enthusiasm about the wider world, her ability to communicate with humans and fellow animals alike, and her involvement with Kris, who brings her a wonderful gift, creates many unexpected moments that lend to parent and child discussion, especially recommended for adults seeking materials that contain bigger-picture thinking rather than entertainment value alone.
The result is a winning story about a wise puppy who takes the world’s challenges and runs with them. It’s a delightful adventure with more than a light dose of messages for kids about how to live better, more emotionally cognizant lives.

ABOUT Jeanne Bender

Jeanne likes to travel and loves an adventure! She wrote the Lindie Lou Adventure Series for children ages 5 and up. The books were inspired by her real-life puppy La Petite Lindie Lou. Bender studied with literary coaches in Seattle, WA, and Oxford University in the United Kingdom. Bender lives in Seattle during the summer and San Diego in the winter.

ABOUT Kate Willows

Kate loves drawing and coloring things on her computer. She creates animals and cartoons for everyone to enjoy, including all the Lindie Lou characters. Willows graduated from the Ohio State University, with a degree in Art and Technology, and a minor in Design. Kate also works for a gaming company and does amazing drawings. She enjoys playing video games and watching cartoons in her spare time. Kate lives near Columbus, Ohio with her two cats Castiel and Cocoa.

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Executive Producer: Julie Gribble 

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Thank you Julie! I smile all the way through this video every time I watch it.


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