16 Great LGBTQIA+ Books for Kids and Teens

From Read Brightly: 16 Great LGBTQIA+ Books for Kids and Teens

There was a time when LGBTQIA+ parents and children had a hard time finding their family’s faces and feelings in the pages of children’s and young adult books. No more. Ever since Heather Has Two Mommies appeared on shelves in 1989, more books, geared to everyone from the youngest tots to questioning tweens and teens (not to mention to their parents), are filling the gap and helping families grow in understanding.

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And of course, these books aren’t just for families with a direct connection to LGBTQIA+ issues; everyone can use these books’ messages of unconditional love and acceptance.

My Two Moms and Me

by Michael Joosten, illustrated by Izak Zenou

This sweet board book features a diverse array of families with lesbian mothers going about their daily routines, including playdates, pool-dates, and bedtime reading. Published in 2019 with artwork by an acclaimed fashion illustrator, it’s a welcome follow-up to Heather Has Two Mommies. Don’t miss My Two Dads and Me by the same creators!
(Ages 0 – 3)

Daddy, Papa, and Me

by Leslea Newman, illustrated by Carol Thompson

Like the above author-illustrator duo, Leslea Newman and Carol Thompson add their unique touch to the rainbow-family compendium with Daddy, Papa, and Meand Mommy, Mama, and Me. Rhythmic text and charming illustrations make these board books a must-have for all families.
(Ages 0 – 3)

by Ellie Royce

This moving picture book is narrated by a young boy who adores his auntie uncle, who goes to work as Uncle Leo and performs drag as Auntie Lotta. When Auntie Lotta saves the day during a Pride parade and isn’t sure how to present while accepting a medal from the mayor, the narrator helps his auntie uncle find a look that honors both sides of their beloved self.
(Ages 3 – 7)

The Adventures of Honey & Leon

by Alan Cumming, illustrated by Grant Shaffer

Theater and film star Alan Cumming and his husband Grant Shaffer were inspired to chronicle the adventures of their rescue dogs during their dads’ travels. It turns out, Honey and Leon tail their dads and rescue them at every turn. Their adventures continue in the Scotland-based sequel, Honey & Leon Take the High Road.
(Ages 3 – 7)

Julián Is a Mermaid

by Jessica Love

This gorgeous Stonewall Award-winning picture book stars Julián, a child coming to understand their gender nonconformity after a joyful encounter with three women dressed as shimmering mermaids. Julián fantasizes about dressing up like a mermaid too, and wonders what his Abuela will make of it in this celebration of self-love and individuality.
(Ages 4 – 8)

Read on for the full list of 16 Great LGBTQIA+ Books for Kids and Teens on Read Brightly.

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