Books Your Third Grader Won’t Whine About

From Are Those Your Kids: 9 Fabulous Books Your Third Grader Won’t Whine About Reading

This year my oldest is a third grader and it’s really blowing my mind!

Third grade in many states is a gate year–in other words, their scores on state tests matter.

As an educator myself, I know that in order to prepare my children for the world, education has to take place at home as well as in the classroom.

Mixed race families often are faced with many challenges, including ignorant comments. Focusing on similarities can assist in not offending people.
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An 8-year-old child, typically in third grade, will continue to develop more complex language skills, their reading skills (should)  become more sophisticated. They are beginning to understand jokes and puns and start verbally expressing a sense of humor.

Peer acceptance also begins to make an appearance. They are beginning to navigate who they are are where they are accepted.

Third grade is a pivotal year for kids as they become better and more independant readers. Here is an amazing list of educational books for your 3rd grader.

As your third grader is transitioning to the upper grades, it is crucial for them to learn, practice, and master basic skills. Once they master the basic skills, they can learn to develop more complex skills that will help them though life and the higher grades.

This is the time to foster all the stages of their development. One of the ways you can do that is through books.
Reading together  takes the pressure off your child if they don’t like to read.

Here are a few educational books for your 3rd grader that will help teach both life skills and basic subjects:

Charlotte’s Web

A classic book that teaches children the magic of friendship. Charlotte’s Web is a beautiful story about love, loss and renewal.

**Bonus tip** After reading the book, watch the movie and compare the book and movie (a quick and easy way to teach your child to analyze details as well as comparing and contrasting). Also try comparing the cartoon version vs the live action version.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This book is perfect for children who have a hard time staying focused while they read. The transition between words and pictures keeps kids engaged from the beginning until the end. And if your third grader loves this book, there are many more in the series to keep them entertained!

Human Body Activity Book

This activity book makes it easy and fun for kids to learn about the human body. The book features cool facts and gives an exploration of the body with 30 pages of hands-on experiments and activities that will encourage learning.

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