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StoryMakers with Heather Lean ANGEL GRANDMA

StoryMakers with Heather Lean ANGEL GRANDMA

Our loved ones can always be found in our hearts. On a special episode of StoryMakers, join Heather Lean, author of ANGEL GRANDMA, as she shares her picture books, talks about loss, and offers activities kids can do to work through their emotions.

ABOUT the Books

Angel Grandma is a heartfelt poem that connects your child to their loved one who has passed on. It is a beautifully written reminder that those who are gone are never forgotten and that they are watching over us. The images in this book are magical and bring to life a stunning tribute to those we love.


Love Grows Here is a book that taps into a child’s range of emotions and examines the differences between Love and the other emotions that do not serve us well. It’s a reminder that Love, is the universal language that all species understand and that love helps us to grow.

ABOUT Heather Lean

Born in New York in 1981, Heather always enjoyed reading and writing as a child. She is a huge animal lover and has owned every pet imaginable from hamsters to cats and dogs. She has also rescued many animals that have come in her path from baby birds, to cats, to raccoons and even a fox.

As a child, she envisioned she would become a veterinarian, but a later change of course in her professional career led her to pursue the Law. Heather is a mother of two children and after grieving the loss of her mother-in-law and her own mother, she took up writing again and found her happiness in it.

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