Creativity Corner: A GIRL NAMED ROSITA

Terry Shay is back with another installation of Creativity Corner. His guest today is author Anika Aldamuy Denise and we are highlighting her next book called A GIRL NAMED ROSITA.


Creativity Corner: Creating a Book

You may know Anika from her previous books:

  • MONSTER TRUCKS (with Nate Wragg)
  • BUNNY IN THE MIDDLE (with Christopher Denise)
  • THE LOVE LETTER (with Lucy Ruth Cummins)

I asked Anika to share some insight into how books are made: from finding an agent to pairing with an illustrator, to marketing a book when it comes out. Anika’s next book is A GIRL NAMED ROSITA: THE STORY OF RITA MORENO, ACTOR, SINGER, DANCER, TRAILBLAZER! (with Leo Espinoza).

*Releases on November 3, 2020.

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One Comment

Kid Lit TV Commenter Annie Lynn

Wow wow wow! I just spent a relaxing 50 minutes, forgetting about the election, covid-19, and the fact that I spaced on buying desert for tonight. This was my treat instead. Anika…you couldn’t have watched the original Electric Company! I did. That was where I fell in love with Rita/Rosita and her Chutzpah! Then i saw her 34 times watching West Side Story, & she blew me away. I was studying acting then, and she def. made an impression on my young(er) soul. You too, I can see.

This was a great interview Terry, for both students (MG up?) and aspiring authors. I appreciated the break down of the processes behind publishing (what a pain, lol. Radio is so much simpler? If i had to wait two years to release a song, I’d burst!). Somewhere out there is a kid who will watch this whole interview, because they are interested in the new book, but also thinking they might want to try publishing their own books one day. You didn’t make it sound easy, Anika, but you did explain (and Terry) what needs to be done to find an agent, and find a publisher or five. Somewhere a kid just watched and is saying “I think I can do that! I like shows that break things down, and this did the trick. Thank you both Terry and Anika for a lovely hour. Now back to reality, sigh. Stay well all.✌?


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