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StoryMakers with Aram Kim LET’S GO TO TAEKWONDO!

StoryMakers with Aram Kim LET'S GO TAEKWONDO

Charyut! Attention! Aram Kim is back on StoryMakers for a chat about her new book

Join Aram as she catches us up on what her character Yoomi from NO KIMCHI FOR ME has been getting up to, learn about the rituals of the martial art Taekwondo and how to count to ten in Korean!

ABOUT the Book

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ABOUT Aram Kim

Aram Kim is a New York-based children’s book author/illustrator. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and when she was two, her family moved back to South Korea. When Aram grew up, she came to New York to study illustration. She is currently living in Queens, NY, where she is happily surrounded by diverse food and culture. She has been working for various publications and participating in numerous exhibitions and collaboration projects.

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Muriel Feldshuh


What a lovely book and a charming presentation once again by Aram Kim! My grocer and fruit store owners are both from South Korea and I will be sure to practice my counting with them. They have already wished me a Happy Birthday in South Korean Language and wrote it down for me as well. Thanks Rocco and KidLit tv for bringing such interesting programs to all of us. I always learn something new and have a fun time visiting your website.


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