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StoryMakers with Donna Sager Cowan WITH THE CURIOSITY OF A CAT

StoryMakers with Donna Sager Cowan WITH THE CURIOSITY OF A CAT

ABOUT the Books

Join Catt and Simon as they learn how to be friends and Superheroes!
Superhero School series follows Catt, the cat as she stumbles into Sweet Meadows.  She’s had a tough life so far, and when she discovers she can talk, Catt is sure she’s dreaming.  That is until she meets Simon Cheddar.  Simon is a mouse with a plan, but they don‘t include a crazy cat! 

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SUPPLIES • bowl • ruler • marker or pen • scissors
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ABOUT Donna Sager Cowan

As the youngest child in a large family, Donna felt lost in the crowd. She entertained herself by making up stories and friends to play with. By age 5, Donna had taught herself to read, and that began her imaginative journey to dreamy castles with princes and fairy godmothers.

Donna is a grandmother, random fact-finder, and encourager. And, yes, she believes she’s a superhero. She lives in California with her family and four cats. (Sadly, no mice like Simon.)

The Superhero School series was inspired by a bedtime story. It began with my youngest granddaughter asking about my cat, Ladybug, and why she stayed out all night. Ladybug is purported to be the “real” cat woman, and while I am sworn to keep her identity secret, I can tell you the story of how it all began.

As a grandmother, I enjoy reading and spinning tales for children. Sparking the imagination of a child, so that they may become lifelong readers, adventurers, and writers is my main goal. Each book in the series encourages positive attributes, acceptance, critical thinking, and inner strength.  

The core message is to remind the readers that they already have everything necessary to be a Superhero. Follow my amazing journey as I race toward the launch of my book and see where the road takes us!

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