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StoryMakers with Matthew Reinhart WHAT’S UP, FIRE TRUCK?

StoryMakers with Matthew Reinhart WHATu0027S UP, FIRE TRUCK?

Ever wonder how pop-up books are made? Join author and paper engineer, Matthew Reinhart for StoryMakers to find out how he created his new book WHAT’S UP FIRETRUCK? (It folds into a firetruck!) and learn to make your own pop-up book.

Kids! Do you have an idea for a great pop-up book? Let Matthew know in the comments — and don’t forget to check out his pop-up templates and tutorials below! You will be making your own pop-up books in no time!


Introducing Pop Magic, an innovative line of preschool books from pop-up wizard Matthew Reinhart that makes learning fun!

Follow a firefighter through a busy day at the fire station. Lift the flaps to open the fire truck doors and peek inside, help a crew member put on his protective gear, and unfold the ladder to help the firefighters save the day. When the story is over, follow simple instructions to transform the pages of the book into a three-dimensional fire truck! There’s so much to discover in this stunning interactive board book from Matthew Reinhart—his very first book for the preschool market!

Check out Matthew’s Pop-Up Templates, Tutorials, and MORE!

Parents and educators will love Matthew’s NEW series: ART CLASS!

ABOUT Matthew

Pop-ups, paper art, and beyond – From before Matthew could remember, art always took center stage. Despite moving several times throughout childhood, his sketchbook was always nearby, a constant friend wherever his family roamed. Being creative just felt right to him, whether just drawing pictures or crafting wild contraptions out of anything he could scavenge around the house. He loved reading and learning about nature, science, and ancient history, but his school notebooks often had more drawings than actual notes!

After high school, Matthew chose to study biology in preparation for medical school, thinking an art-related job might be impossible. College life at Clemson University in South Carolina was busy and interesting, but it never felt right. A career in medicine, while challenging, did not make him happy. After a year of thinking things out in New York City, Matthew decided to take the plunge and follow his dream. He was accepted at the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and studied as an industrial designer, focused on designing toys. After graduating Pratt, Matthew settled New York City and apprenticed with an acclaimed children’s book author. In a few years, he discovered his true calling: becoming a children’s book author, illustrator, and paper engineer.


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Kid Lit TV Commenter Muriel Feldshuh

Terrific new book in this magical Pop-Up series. Matthew you are a true pop-up ‘Genius.’
Way back in 2010 you created an exciting dinosaur square for my 5th quilt, that has been exhibited across the US in Children’s Museums, and on the square you wrote that…Books are indeed Magic! The books you continue to create are magical and enjoyed by so many children and adults. Wishing you continued success.

Kid Lit TV Commenter sybastian *********

i think you shold do a space one i would pay one million dollors on just one pop up book about space ship and aliens

Kid Lit TV Commenter Lisa Marie Smith

What a great video!!! As a youth librarian, I appreciate your pop ups being sturdier. So many beautiful pop-ups last only days after being played with and read at a public library. I know it’s seasonal but I think a Halloween pop-up would be fabulous. Can’t you just picture ghosts flying off the pages at readers?!? Or if you ever delve into the adult realm, I wish someone would do a picture book of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Zombies popping up out of the ground would be AMAZING! Continued success to you and to Kidlit.tv!


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