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Read Out Loud | ALWAYS WITH ME

Read Out Loud | ALWAYS WITH ME

You can’t protect children from the pain of loss, but you can help them feel safe and to build healthy coping skills through kidlit. On StoryMakers join author Tamsin Wood as she reads her hope-filled book, ALWAYS WITH ME, the story of a little girl learning to cope with the loss of her father.

About the Book

“Always with Me” follows the emotional journey of a little girl coming to terms with losing her father.
This is a story of loss and sadness but also of hope and looking towards the future.


ABOUT Tamsin Wood

When I moved to Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, England with my family five years ago, from Jersey in the Channel Islands, I had no idea what the future held.
My journey as a self-published author began with “Fairy Boots” in 2015, and “Canglford Nock Creations” was born.
When I’m not writing stories, you’ll find me roaming the countryside with my husband and two children, or chilling out with my friends eating cake. I love chocolate, pasta, (not mixed together!), listening to music, and watching movies.
Oh…..and my favourite Disney character is Tinkerbell!

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