This Writer’s Life: All About Endings!

This episode of This Writer’s Life is all about endings! When kid writers are at the end of THEIR story, I’ve got five kinds of endings for them to choose from if they’d like!

One kind of ending is an echo, another lets the reader decide,
and yet another is sure to astonish.


Plus, creative advice from author I admire, Jennifer Torres! She describes how her fiction draws on her own life and journey of realizing that her experiences are vital and important to share. Then Jenn encourages young creators to infuse the stories they write with their own thoughts, experiences, traditions, and cultures.

There’s a free, printable “Five Types of Endings” PDF to use as a
guide for this activity right here:


About This Writer’s Life

The goal of This Writer’s Life is to show young writers what writing looks like from the inside with honesty, tips, and cheering-on in order to spark kids’ own writer’s lives: to develop their identities as writers, discover their individual writing process, and tap into their unique voice and imagination. Each episode also features someone from a creative field offering a piece of advice to inspire them!

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About Danielle Davis

Danielle Davis grew up in Singapore and Hong Kong and now reads, writes, and roller skates in Los Angeles. She has an M.A. in literature and creative writing and a background teaching English to middle school and community college students. She’s author of the middle-grade novel, ZINNIA AND THE BEES and the forthcoming picture book,TO MAKE, art by Mags DeRoma. She also blogs at This Picture Book Life and can be found on her YouTube channel, This Writer’s Life, a video series for kids and their classrooms.

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