What’s Up? with Roxie Munro at The Carle Museum

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Whatu0027s Up? with Roxie Munro at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art

Roxie Munro visits The Eric Carle Museum’s exhibit of her

ABOUT the Book

Look inside the dinosaurs and you’ll see a dynamic view of eight dinosaur skeletons. Look outside the dinosaurs and you’ll see sweeping paintings of these creatures as they once lived on our planet!

There is a giant dinosaur, a flying reptile, a dinosaur with plates and spike on its body, and even baby dinosaurs cracking out of their shells! There is a ferocious dinosaur that eats meat and vegetarian dinosaurs that hide from the carnivores.  But watch out for the T-Rex! Fun facts, a lit of further reading, and online resources are also included.

ABOUT Roxie Munro

Roxie was born in Texas, and grew up in southern Maryland, by the Chesapeake Bay. At the age of six,  she won first prize in a county-wide contest for a painting of a bowl of fruit. She has been a working artist all her life, for a while freelancing in Washington DC as a television courtroom artist. It was great training for life drawing, concentration under pressure, and making deadlines. Clients included CBS, the Washington Post, and the Associated Press. Fourteen of her paintings have been published as covers of The New Yorker magazine.

She also creates oils, watercolors, prints, and drawings, primarily cityscapes, which are exhibited widely in the US in galleries and museums. Roxie’s work is in numerous private, public, and corporate collections.

Roxie Munro studied at the University of Maryland, the Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore), earned a BFA in Painting from the University of Hawaii, attended graduate school at Ohio University (Athens), and received a Yaddo Fellowship in Painting. She lectures in museums, schools, libraries, conferences, and teaches in workshops.

Many oils and watercolors are views from the roof of her sky-lighted loft studio in Long Island City, New York, just across the East River from her home in mid-Manhattan. Roxie is married to the Swedish writer/photographer, Bo Zaunders ( www.bozaunders.com).

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Caterpillar and Sun
Artwork by Eric Carle TM & © Penguin Random House LLC.
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Kid Lit TV Commenter Annie Lynn, AnnieBirdd Music, LLC

So glad I stumbled upon this post and video! I was thinking of you all making this video the weekend you went to the exhibit. I didn’t think this video would be up so soon. Is there more to come? Please say yes. Can’t make it to NY. YET. I love the explanation of how the roughs were done first, and then what comes next. Congratulations on this show Roxy. So much beautiful, time consuming Art. Can’t wait for the Rainforest!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Muriel Feldshuh,

Hi Roxie and KidLit.tv

THANKS once again for the all the ways you make Children’s Literature come alive. I haven’t been able to travel to The Carle and always enjoy purchasing their Exhibit Books to see what is being featured and keep up to date. I always had respect for the detailed work and all the time and research that Roxie does for each book however, with her explanation and guided tour so that we saw how much goes into each page is truly amazing. In appreciation of all that you do I say Thank You to Roxie. I’m proud to have her books on my shelves and share them with young children. I look forward to her next book on the Rainforest. Wonderful new segment KidLit.

Kid Lit TV Commenter Jeri Williams

Thank you, Roxie, and KidLit for sharing your visit to The Carle Museum. What a special time, especially for those of us who weren’t able to travel to the area ourselves.


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