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StoryMakers with Mary Amato STAR STRIKER: GAME ON!

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StoryMakers with Mary Amato STAR STRIKER GAME ON!

Alien abductions, intergalactic sports tournaments, and space adventures: You’ll be taken by author Mary Amato’s first book in the new STAR STRIKER SERIES, GAME ON! Watch to learn where Mary got the inspiration for Joh Ka, the sport played in the series, and how she uses music as a way of freeing her mind up to create! Check out her character sketches, inventions, and world-building maps below!

About The Book

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Mary Amato

Hi, the second book, Touch and Go, is out now! It was a thrill to write and I can’t wait to hear from readers. The third and final book in the trilogy will be out in 2023.


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