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StoryMakers with Marla Huehmer THE BIG MOVE

StoryMakers with Marla Huehmer THE BIG MOVE

Moving to a new home can be a challenge and can bring about BIG emotions. When you move, you may have to leave some things behind — but you get to take many wonderful memories with you! That’s just what Marla Huehmer’s new book THE BIG MOVE is all about. Join Marla for StoryMakers and learn about what it is like to move, discover how Marla and her daughters created the artwork for the book, and join in with some special activities Marla created to go along with THE BIG MOVE.

For further thought: When you move, sometimes you have to make tough choices about what you will bring with you and what will stay behind or have to be given away. Think about the toys and special things you own. What you would keep and what might you give away? Let us know in the comments below!

About the Book

Have you ever had to move? Moving can bring about many different feelings in children. Join this family of Snails as they move to their new home. The Big Move is a great book to read to your children to start them talking about their feelings.

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About Marla Huehmer

Marla Huehmer is the author of Andrew The Blue-eared Puppy, The Circus Fish, and The Big Move. She and her daughters hand-illustrated their books, which make them unique and therefore a must-have. Her stories are based on the personal experiences of watching her two little girls interact with one another. Prior to writing children’s books, she worked as a School Psychologist in the Northern California area and has over 15 years of experience working with children. Her writings are specialized in capturing the attention of young readers while providing them support through significant or difficult times.

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