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written by Matt Forrest Esenwine, illustrated by Andre Ceolin!



Being a human is a lot of work! Thankfully, humans experience many of the same feelings, situations, and challenges, so we don’t have to figure it all out on our own–we can help each other navigate the ups and downs. Full of humor and heart, this engaging guide inspires kids to be humans who are kind, empathetic, and thoughtful. No matter what our day brings, we can choose to practice self-control, compassion, and forgiveness. Don’t worry, young human, it’s okay to make some mistakes along the way–just remember that it’s love that keeps us all afloat at the end of the day.

A Note From Matt: “Beginner’s Guide began as a book about something completely different; I had sent my Once Upon editor, Naomi Krueger, the manuscript and she really liked it – although she didn’t feel it would quite work within Beaming Book’s mission. But she told me she’d had an idea for a different-themed book written in a similar style, and asked if I’d be interested in writing it. I said, sure! And now, here we are, a year and a half later, with a book I never knew I was going to write! Editor Andrea Hall took the reigns midway through the revision process and steered the book to completion!”


Matt Forrest Esenwine had spent a good part of his life writing poetry, much of which was published in various national journals and anthologies like the Donald Hall tribute, Except for Love(Encircle, 2019). Then his debut picture book, Flashlight Night(Astra Young Readers, 2017), received a Kirkus starred review and was selected by the New York Public Library as one of the Best Books for Kids 2017! Matt now has a dozen books to his credit, including Once Upon Another Time (Beaming Books, 2021), co-authored with Charles “Father Goose” Ghigna, and I Am Today (POW! Kids Bokos, 2022), and his children’s poetry can be found in anthologies like The National Geographic Book of Nature Poetry (National GeographicChildren’s Books, 2015) andConstruction People(Wordsong, 2020), chosen by Kirkus as one of the Best Picture Books of the Year. Connect with Matt and order personally-signed books at


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