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Read Out Loud -  THE LITTLE PIANO with Trinity Bursey

Learn the names of new instruments while learning the value of being yourself along with Lyric, the little piano, on this episode of Read Out Loud as author Trinity Bursey reads THE LITTLE PIANO.

ABOUT the Book

Join Lyric the little piano in this inspirational musical adventure and allow your children to discover a simple truth: You’re loved because you’re you, not for what you can do! Filled with colorful illustrations and catchy rhymes, it’s a story you’ll want to tell your children time after time!

ABOUT Trinity Bursey

As an elementary and middle school EC (Exceptional Children) teacher, she helps children reach their highest potential. Through her writing, Trinity hopes to help readers understand and value their significance. She hopes to encourage her readers that although we are all different, each one has an important part to play in this orchestra called life. Her greatest desire, is that her books will help people of all ages understand their value and the value of those around them.

Although her favorite instrument is the guitar, Lyric is by far her favorite piano.

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Landon

I love music my grandpa has a keyboard,box guitars ,electric guitar for me to practice.??

Kid Lit TV Commenter Landon

I love music my grandpa has a keyboard,box guitars ,electric guitar,harmonicas for me to practice.?? My grandpa loves all music spanish all the way to country ,rock and roll,hip-hop .Sometimes we practice guitar playing together.I love to listen to music all the time ,I listen to the radio almost everyday,


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