Featured Book Trailer: TO MAKE

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We’re proud to feature the book trailer for TO MAKE!
written by KidLit TV team member Danielle Davis
and illustrated by Mags DeRoma

A stunning picture book ode to the joys of the creative process and the spirit of collaboration. This lyrical story from Danielle Davis and Mags DeRoma is perfect for fans of Kevin Henkes, Gyo Fujikawa, and Julie Fogliano.

To make . . . a cake, a garden, a song, you first gather, then make—and wait. To make a story (like this one), you gather, make, wait.

To make anything—big or small—it will take some time.

You may have to gather more, make more, and wait a little more, but you can create wonderful things if you just gather, make, and wait.

This gorgeous, timeless book gently emphasizes patience as part of the making process and is a fitting book for all homes, classrooms, and makerspaces everywhere.

Connect with Danielle Davis:
YouTube Channel | Facebook | Instagram | TwitterWebsite |
Zinnia and the Bees | This Picture Book Life
A Davis Handmade Production from Danielle and Todd

Directed by: Todd Davis

Story by: Danielle and Todd Davis

Photographer / DP:
Nivi Shaham

Fabricators / Animators:
Amy Chinelli
Mochii Mengqing Yuan
Eva Azenaro Acero
Aliki Lala
Kat Lee

Alina Cutrono

Sound design by: Retail Space

Gaston Pierre
Julia Eng
Mochii Mengqing Yuan
Cordelia Williams
Jason Shergill
Lettering by:
Mags DeRoma
Special thanks to:
Bonnie Eng
Sherry Romito
Rippin Sindher
Mabel Hsu
and HarperCollins

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