New Picture Books for Back To School

School supplies, backpack, shoes, check. Now it’s time to shop for a few New Picture Books for Back to School. Here is a list of beautiful new books that kids can enjoy on the bus, in a waiting room, or in their reading nook at home. These picture books reinforce important themes like learning how to pronounce names correctly, understanding that families don’t always “match”, learning about all the beautiful shades of skin, and the importance of kindness and empathy towards kids who may be different.

New Picture Books for Back To School


THAT’S NOT MY NAME Written and Illustrated by Anoosha Syed, Published by Viking Books for Young Readers


MORE THAN PEACH Written by Bellen Woodard and Illustrated by Fanny Liem, Published by Scholastic Inc.


In Mixed City, when colors care for each other, they decide to mix. They create families that come in every combination of colors, shapes, and sizes. But sometimes those sizes, shapes, and colors can change. And change isn’t always easy. It might be hard to get used to. It might make some colors feel worried, or sad. Remixed: A Blended Family is an inspiring picture book that celebrates the strength and resilience of remixed families and the beauty of chosen families, showing how even after change, or loss, love can thrive.

REMIXED Written and Illustrated by Arree Chung, Published by Henry Holt & Company



Bethany Edwards is an elementary educator as well as a reading and literacy specialist. On Biracial Bookworms, she focuses on multiracial and multicultural resources for teaching literacy skills using reading, travel, and learning multiple languages. Additionally, she offers online and self-paced courses for parents and caregivers on Biracial Bookworms Academy.

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Very cute books! I especially love the one about the name that other students have trouble pronouncing.


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