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StoryMakers with Carmen Agra Deedy WOMBAT SAID COME IN

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StoryMakers with Carmen Agra Deedy WOMBAT SAID COME IN

Join Carmen Agra Deedy for a chat about her new picture book WOMBAT SAID COME IN which is set during an Australian bushfire. Carmen’s inspiration for the book came from the true story which emerged during the Australian bushfires of 2020 of many animals being saved from danger by taking refuge in extensive networks of cool, underground wombat burrows. Find out more about that, learn some amazing Australian animal facts, AND some super new vocabulary words — all on StoryMakers.

About the Book
About Carmen Agra Deedy

Carmen Agra Deedy is the author of twelve books for children, including The Library DragonThe Cheshire Cheese CatMartina the Beautiful Cockroach, and 14 Cows for America, a New York Times Bestseller. The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet! (Scholastic Press) was released in 2017 and Rita and Ralph’s Rotten Day was published in March 2020. She is host of the four-time Emmy-winning children’s program, Love That Book! Deedy is also an accomplished lecturer, having been a guest speaker for both the TED and TEDx Conferences, the Library of Congress, Columbia University, the National Book Festival, and the Kennedy Center, among other distinguished venues. A life-long supporter of the institution, she opened the 2016 Art of the Book Lecture Series for the Smithsonian Libraries.

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Julie Gribble

HI! Carmen Agra Deedy wrote the story for the book and Brian Lies drew all the pictures! I hope you like it as much as we do!


Julie & The KidLit TV Team


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