KidLit Cooking with Aram Kim – Let’s Make Tteokguk!

KidLit Cooking with Aram Kim - Let's Make Tteokguk to celebrate Seollal, the Korean Lunar New Year
Aram Kim teaches us how to make tteokguk, the Korean rice cake soup to celebrate Seollal,

Tteokguk Ingredients List:

1. Tteok (rice cake)

2. Stock for Broth (can use beef broth or vegetable broth)

3. Garlic (to add for broth)

4. Eggs (1 or 2)

5. Spring Onions

6. Toasted Seaweed

7. Beef (replaceable with mushrooms)

About the Book

From Korean American author-illustrator Aram Kim, Tomorrow is New Year’s Day follows a little girl sharing the fun customs of Seollal―the Korean Lunar New Year―with her classmates.

Seollal, the Korean Lunar New Year, is Mina’s favorite day of the year.

Mina can’t wait to share the customs of Seollal with all of her friends at school. She will show her classmates her colorful hanbok, demonstrate how to do sebae, and then everyone will make tasty tteokguk in the cooking room. Yum! Her little brother may even join in on the fun… if he can find a way out of his bad mood.

In this joyful book about sharing age-old cultural celebrations with new friends,
Aram Kim has created a must-have book for the New Year’s season.
A glossary of Korean terms, with pronunciation guide, is included.

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ABOUT Aram Kim

Aram Kim is a New York-based children’s book author/illustrator. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and when she was two, her family moved back to South Korea. When Aram grew up, she came to New York to study illustration. She is currently living in Queens, NY, where she is happily surrounded by diverse food and culture. She has been working for various publications and participating in numerous exhibitions and collaboration projects.

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