Top 5 Ways to Celebrate MLK Day with KidLit TV

Join us in celebrating the legacy of MLK Day with KidLit TV by sharing books, activities, and tributes from those who had the honor of knowing him.

Each year, the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday is both sobering and empowering for children. His life being cut short at the hands of white supremacy was a tragic loss for the world, but in that loss, each generation of children can find hope in that MLK was a father, a pastor, a friend, an activist, a peacemaker, and most of all a seeker of justice.

Top 5 Ways to Celebrate MLK Day with KidLit TV

1. 28 DAYS author Charles R. Smith, Jr. on Martin Luther King, Jr. & Malcolm X

Listen in with author Charles R. Smith, Jr. as he reads about Martin Luther King, Jr. & Malcolm X from his new book for children, 28 DAYS.

With a story for every day of Black History Month, this innovative portrayal of those who struggled and strived to shape African-American history stuns with Charles Smith’s powerful words and gorgeous illustrations by award-winning artist Shane Evans.

Watch the video on KidLit TV HERE.


With an introduction written in the voice of Martin Luther King, Jr. himself, this engaging biography takes students on one of the most important historical movements of the twentieth century—the nonviolent campaign for African American equality inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr.

His life story is interwoven with the history of a nation still struggling with civil rights issues. From his teenage years marred by discrimination and segregation, to his soaring speech at the Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr. represented the bedrock of American values and helped the nation realize its dream of equality for all.

Access the MLK teaching guide HERE.

3. Martin Luther King Jr. Story Read by LeVar Burton – Reading Rainbow Story Time

Watch as LeVar Burton reads you a story about Dr. King’s life as one of the greatest civil rights heroes of all time from the Friendship Baptist Church in Pasadena, California.

The Story Time video focuses on teaching children about the importance of the acceptance of others, no matter differences in personal, religious, political, or physical dissimilarities.

Listen in to this incredible storytime HERE.

4. Books to Read Together on MLK Day

Here at KidLit TV we have compiled some great resources to help you find the right book. There are so many wonderful stories out there, we want to help you find just the right one so you and the children in your life can enjoy reading together on this fine day.

For our compiled list of books to read together on MLK Day, click HERE.

5. Selma Reading List (Civil Rights)

To honor Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy, a team of expert NYPL librarians have put together a list of recommended books about Dr. King, Jr., and the Civil Rights movement.

Books to read about Civil Rights and Martin Luther King Jr | #KidLit #KidLitTV

For the complete list, click HERE.

Bonus Resources

50 Years of the Coretta Scott King Book Award

Discovering Ordinary People Who Changed the World

Lift Every Voice By Carol Higgins-Lawrence

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