Celebrate National Family Reading Month

To help you celebrate National Reading Month, I have compiled a list of my favorite middle grade books read alouds that I believe the entire family will enjoy. When kids are able to read on their own, many caregivers stop reading with them. However, I can tell you from years in the classroom with older students, their favorite part of the day is when I read one chapter aloud right before the end of the day.

I rounded up a list of contemporary middle grade books with diverse characters because they provide young readers, with the opportunity to hear the middle grade “voice” sound authentic. They can connect with these stories as they put complicated topics into relatable words that help kids process the world around them.

Celebrate National Reading Month


The second book from critically acclaimed author Leslie C. Youngblood, about family, identity, and learning to stand up for what’s right — now in paperback! Georgie has no idea what to expect when she, Mama, and Peaches are plopped down in the middle of small town USA–aka Bogalusa, Louisiana–where Mama grew up and Great Aunt Vie needs constant care. Georgie wants to help out at the once famous family diner that served celebrities like the Jackson 5 and the Supremes, but everyone is too busy to show her the ropes and Mama is treating her like a baby, not letting her leave her sight.

When she finally gets permission to leave on her own, Georgie makes friends with Markie–a foster kid who’d been under Aunt Elvie’s care–who has a limb difference and a huge attitude. Then Markie asks Georgie to help her find her mom, and suddenly summer has a real purpose. But as Georgie and Markie’s histories begin to entwine, Georgie becomes more desperate to find the truth. But words spoken cannot be taken back and once Georgie knows the truth, she may even find a way to right past wrongs and help Aunt Vie and Markie out after all.

FOREVER THIS SUMMER Written by Leslie C. Youngblood
Published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers


MERCI SUAREZ CAN’T DANCE Written by Meg Medina
Published by Candlewick Press


GHOST by Jason Reynolds
Published by Antheneum Books, Simon and Schuster



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