Lizards at Large
KidLit TV is honored to PREMIERE the Book Trailer for
21 Remarkable Reptiles at Their Actual Size
written & illustrated by Roxie Munro

Legless lizards. Gliding geckos. In Roxie Munro’s newest journey into the animal kingdom, twenty lizards are illustrated true-to-size, moving from terrifically tiny to cool and colossal!

Some of them swim! Some of them fly! But all of these lizards are sure to leap into young conservationists’ imaginations.

Whether it’s familiar friends like gila monsters and komodo dragons or fun new faces like green plumed basilisks and thorny devils, Munro’s vibrant colors and patterns are as eye-catching as they are accurate. This dazzling nonfiction picture book invites you to follow these creatures into their habitats and encounter them up close.

Complete with a detailed index, glossary, and further resources to engage readers’ curiosity, Munro’s expedition into the world of weird animals educates and entertains. With bite-sized (or skink-sized!) pieces of information and dynamic, true-to-size illustrations, budding scientists won’t believe their eyes… and they won’t believe how many amazing animals there are to discover.


Roxie was born in Texas, and grew up in southern Maryland, by the Chesapeake Bay. At the age of six,  she won first prize in a county-wide contest for a painting of a bowl of fruit. She has been a working artist all her life, for a while freelancing in Washington DC as a television courtroom artist. It was great training for life drawing, concentration under pressure, and making deadlines. Clients included CBS, the Washington Post, and the Associated Press. Fourteen of her paintings have been published as covers of The New Yorker magazine.

She also creates oils, watercolors, prints, and drawings, primarily cityscapes, which are exhibited widely in the US in galleries and museums. Roxie’s work is in numerous private, public, and corporate collections.

Roxie Munro studied at the University of Maryland, the Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore), earned a BFA in Painting from the University of Hawaii, attended graduate school at Ohio University (Athens), and received a Yaddo Fellowship in Painting. She lectures in museums, schools, libraries, conferences, and teaches in workshops.

Many oils and watercolors are views from the roof of her sky-lighted loft studio in Long Island City, New York, just across the East River from her home in mid-Manhattan. Roxie is married to the Swedish writer/photographer, Bo Zaunders (

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Annie Lynn

Congratulations Roxie and Holiday House! This looks beautiful and interesting. I like the compare and contrast. I have owned anoles and leopard geckos, so this book is of extra interest to me. I can’t help but notice that Roxie writes book titles that whisper to me “I am also a song…..” LOL. What’s next Roxie? Stay well all!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Muriel Feldshuh

Good Morning,

So happy to have logged onto the website today and see another fabulous book by Roxie Munro. I can’t wait to add this book to my list of ‘gifting’ books to children I communicate with as well as a copy for my personal library. Roxie’s research and attention to details in all of her illustrations are truly amazing! Thanks Roxie and thanks KidLit for sharing this amazing trailer.


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