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Tummy rumbling? Join Jim Price, creator of the THE ADVENTURES OF HAROLD FROM THE HOOD, as he reads the third book in the series, FUN TIME LUNCH TIME. Learn about healthy eating habits and how to navigate tricky social interactions!

About the Book

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The purpose of this social skill building children’s books is to help teach valuable social interactive skills which is important to cultivate healthy and unbiased connections with others. This book focuses on children learning to advocate for themselves and verbally express to others their needs or concerns when faced with situations that may bring about a level of uncomfortableness. Being able to advocate for oneself is a very important skill dynamic for children to nurture and add to their social interactive skill set. Children can have their needs met when they are able to speak up so others can know how they can help them.

About Jim Price

Jim Price was born and raised in Springfield Massachusetts. When not writing he enjoys mentoring the youth through coaching basketball and as school counselor in the public-school setting.

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