Tween Audiobooks from Black Creators

The key to getting kids to read over the summer= audiobooks. While kids lay around in pajamas at home, hop on a plane for vacation, or commute to camp, this list of Tween Audiobooks from Black Creators will keep them engaged while keeping up important literacy skills over the summer break.

Tween Audiobooks from Black Creators 


Published by Quill Tree Books


Photo Description: Book Cover for ROOT MAGIC

It’s 1963, and things are changing for Jezebel Turner. Her beloved grandmother has just passed away. The local police deputy won’t stop harassing her family. With school integration arriving in South Carolina, Jez and her twin brother, Jay, are about to begin the school year with a bunch of new kids. But the biggest change comes when Jez and Jay turn eleven– and their uncle, Doc, tells them he’s going to train them in rootwork.

Jez and Jay have always been fascinated by the African American folk magic that has been the legacy of their family for generations–especially the curious potions and powders Doc and Gran would make for the people on their island. But Jez soon finds out that her family’s true power goes far beyond small charms and elixirs…and not a moment too soon. Because when evil both natural and supernatural comes to show itself in town, it’s going to take every bit of the magic she has inside her to see her through.

Written by Eden Royce
Published by Walden Pond Press


Photo Description: Book Cover of ON AIR WITH ZOE WASHINGTON

Written by Janae Marks
Published by Katherine Tegen Books/Harper Collins


Photo Description: Book Cover for BLENDED

A secret underwater world brought to life: This gorgeous companion to the acclaimed Over and Under the Snow and Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt is an excellent addition to any emerging reader’s collection.

In Over and Under the Pond, readers will discover the plants and animals that make up the rich, interconnected ecosystem of a mountain pond. Over the pond, the water is a mirror, reflecting the sky. But under the water is a hidden world of creatures–minnows darting, beavers diving, and tadpoles growing.

These secrets and many others are waiting to be discovered over and under the pond in this sweet children’s book from Kate Messner and Christopher Silas Neal, the latest in their beloved series that offers kids a peek into hidden ecosystems.

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