Brilliant Books that Celebrate Family Reunions

If you look at any hotel or beach this summer, you can’t help but notice those matching t-shirts. We love to celebrate families and chosen families so today we want to share Brilliant Books that Celebrate Family Reunions. We hope these books help connect to your own wonderful memories during the summer or any family gathering.

 Brilliant Books that Celebrate Family Reunions  

Published by Barefoot Books


Photo Description: Book Cover of HATTIE HATES HUGS

Hattie loves her family, but she hates hugs!

While at a family reunion, Hattie wants to play horseshoes with Uncle Jake and Aunt Celia, but her boisterous relatives keep hugging her. Hattie’s stomach squirms uncomfortably when she’s hugged, but dodging and hiding from the open arms isn’t working. Great-Grandma is the only relative who understands how Hattie feels. With Great-Grandma’s help, Hattie learns to use simple but clear body language with verbal reinforcement to set boundaries around her personal space and to assert her right to consent to physical touch. And she even wins a game of horseshoes!

This picture book will teach huggers and non-huggers alike the importance of respecting people’s personal boundaries and provides an example of how to advocate for yourself with confidence.

Written by Sarah Hovorka and Illustrated by Heather Brockman Lee
Published by Beaming Books


Photo Description: Book Cover of RUBY’S REUNION DAY DINNER

Written by Angela Dalton and Illustrated by Jestenia Southerland
Published by HarperCollins


Photo Description: Book Cover of A NEW YEAR’S REUNION

This poignant, vibrantly illustrated tale, which won the prestigious Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award in 2009, is sure to resonate with every child who misses relatives when they are away — and shows how a family’s love is strong enough to endure over time and distance.

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