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Read Out Loud with Stephanie Calmenson DOZENS OF DACHSHUNDS

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Read Out Loud with Stephanie Calmenson DOZENS OF DACHSHUNDS


It’s Dachshund Day on Read Out Loud! Join the fun as Stephanie Calmenson reads her rhyming, romping ode to this unique dog breed, DOZENS OF DACHSHUNDS! Dressed up as birds, bees, books, and more, the dachshunds in the book are ready for their big parade. Make sure to count the doxies on each page and sing-along with Stephanie!

About the Book

An exuberant counting story featuring dogs in costumes, inspired by the real-life Dachshund Parades!

It’s Dachshund Day, a day to have fun!
Everyone’s here, and the party’s begun.
How many dogs can you count?

Dressed up as birds, bees, books, dinosaurs, and more, the doxies are ready for their big parade. Count the dachshunds on every page, and join in on the fun with a sing-along, bark-along dachshund song.

Back matter highlights all the different sizes, coats, colors, and patterns of this one-of-a-kind breed. From Stephanie Calmenson, author of beloved classics like Dinner at the Panda Palace, here is charming concept book that’s perfect for reading aloud.

About Stephanie Calmenson

 Stephanie Calmenson grew up in Brooklyn, New York never imagining she would become a writer someday. She began her professional life as an early childhood teacher and had the pleasure of reading to children and discovering which books captivate them. When budget cuts left her looking for work, Calmenson became a children’s book editor and got to see how a book is made.

Planning to go back to teaching, she enrolled in a Master’s Program in Education at New York University where Calmenson took a course called, “Writing for Children.” Her very first story was published in a children’s magazine and she was off and writing!

Check out books Calmenson’s other books, Dinner at the Panda Palace, Late for School!, and Ollie’s School Day to see if they make you smile. Even the nonfiction books, Rosie, A Visiting Dog’s Story and May I Pet Your Dog? have a big dose of humor thanks to their four-legged stars.

Dozens of Dachshunds Published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books June 2021.
Text Copyright Stephanie Calmenson, 2021. Illustration Copyright Zoe Persico, 2021.
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Kid Lit TV Commenter Muriel Feldshuh

Good Morning,

What a cheerful way to begin the day! Another wonderful book by Stephanie Calmenson. It is a great introduction for a class filled with youngsters to enjoy learning about Dachshunds as well as seeing the colorful and lovely illustrations. The story and pictures go together so well. I especially love the back piece and learned some new things about this breed of dog. I think that any young child will truly enjoy this Storytelling Time.
Thanks Stephanie for the exciting story and Zoe for the lovely pictures.

Kid Lit TV Commenter Stephanie Calmenson

Thank you, Muriel Feldshuh! It’s so kind of you to take the time to write. Thank you, too, for all you do to bring children and books together. ❤️


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