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Today we’re taking a look at new picture books coming out this fall from our friends at The Soaring ‘20s High Flying Picture Book Debuts!

Vicky Fang

Trouble’s come to Monster Town, and emergencies abound! There’s no time to wait around… get the Boo Crew! Get ready for a spooky interactive story experience with Luna, Bones, and Fang―a ghost, skeleton, and vampire team who need YOUR help fixing all the messes and frights of a Halloween night gone wrong! Whether it’s tapping the page to mend a broken pumpkin or turning the book to set a toppling haunted house back upright, the action prompts let kids join in on the fun and save the day.

Here’s a fun Halloween craft to accompany
Sweet and fun DIY ghost lollipops!
Vicki Fang BOO CREW

Even the youngest robotocists will love flipping the flaps to create their own robot—while exploring a simple A to Z roundup of robotics terms.

Found your circuit-board head? Your voice-control torso? Your hydrojet feet? Hooray! You’ve made one of the 729 mix-and-match robots that are possible with this innovative flip-flap book. Alongside the bright and cheery illustrations of robot parts is a basic alphabetical listing of terms—from android to gears, neural network to program, wheels to Z-drive—and a basic definition of each. With a concealed spiral binding and sturdy card stock pages to hold up to enthusiastic flap-turning, AlphaBot is full of appeal for young robot lovers, preschoolers who love machines, and anyone looking for STEM books for the younger set. Back matter includes a brief explanation of the three key abilities of robots: to sense, think, and act.

Make your own DIY mix-and-match book with these
simple instructions from Vicky!
Vicki Fang ALPHA BOT
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Patricia Newman
How Listening Helps Conservation
Deep in the Central African Republic, forest elephants trumpet and rumble along with the forest’s symphony. And scientists are listening.

Scientist Katy Payne started Cornell University’s Elephant Listening Project to learn more about how forest elephants communicate and what they’re saying. But the project soon grew to be about so much more.

Poaching, logging, mining, and increasing human populations threaten the survival of forest elephants. Katy and other members of the Elephant Listening Project’s team knew they needed to do something to protect these majestic animals. By eavesdropping on elephants, the Elephant Listening Project is doing its part to save Africa’s forest elephants and preserve the music in the forest.

Author Patricia Newman takes readers behind the scenes to see how scientists are making new discoveries about elephant communication and using what they learn to help these majestic animals, with QR codes linking to audio of the elephant sounds. Follow along and listen to the elephants as scientists learn what they are saying.

Learn How to Listen like a Scientist!

Listen as Patricia Newman plays four different sounds for us. Can you tell what they are?

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Margaret Chiu Greanias


Pearl just wants to read her book in peace, but the other fish
won’t leave her alone!

Pearl can’t wait to dive into her new book, but the other sea creatures keep interrupting and nothing she does will keep them away—not hanging signs, not hiding under the seaweed, nor swimming away to a shipwreck. So Pearl plucks up her book and swishes down, down, down for a distraction-free place to think and to read. But just as she settles back in, here comes a light show from the comb jellies! GAH! What’s a poor fish got to do for some quiet alone time?

Little ones who struggle to focus in busy environments will relate to Pearl, a grumpy anglerfish, as she searches for quiet in this funny and gentle reminder about establishing healthy boundaries and respecting personal space.

Learn more about HOOKED ON BOOKS from Margaret!
Margaret Greanias HOOKED ON BOOKS KidLitTV

Make this super cute Anglerfish Hat with Margaret!

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