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Read Out Loud OSCAR THE MOUSE by Sam Baker

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Read Out Loud OSCAR THE MOUSE by Sam Baker

Join WWII Veteran and Centenarian author Sam Baker on READ OUT LOUD as he reads his picture book OSCAR THE MOUSEWatch with the young readers in your life to share valuable lessons about acceptance, friendship, and the joys (not to mention responsibilities) of caring for a pet.

About the Book

WWII Veteran and Centenarian Author, Sam Baker shares his vision of
Oscar The Mouse with you!

Do you know who’s living under your bed?

When Mimi checks under her bed for the boogeyman, she instead finds Oscar, a funny little mouse in search of a friend. Through the love and laughter shared between these two unlikely friends, young children will learn valuable lessons about acceptance, friendship, and the joys (and responsibilities!) of having a pet.

Readers of all ages have already fallen in love with this comical story from Sam Baker featuring vivid illustrations by Lisa Morris. Rob Brown, a satisfied parent, shares, “Oscar the Mouse is my child’s favorite book!”

Designed to make reading fun and to engage the imagination, Oscar the Mouse is a perfect gift for new parents, grandparents, and teachers. Order a copy and join Oscar and his friends on their adventures.

Give one to a special boy or girl that you’d like to surprise.

About Sam Baker

Sam Baker was over 90 years old when he wrote his first children’s book. Having struggled with reading himself as a child, he became a lifelong advocate for children’s literacy as a foundation for learning. With his personal understanding that the love of reading must start young, he dedicated himself to writing stories that any child could easily read and enjoy.

Even before becoming an author, Sam led a fascinating life. He is a retired WWII veteran who centered a vast amount of his career around the principles of team building, kindness, and educational advancement for his people. Still a strong advocate for understanding and peace, these themes carry over to his stories, the foundations for which are often centered on love and kindness.

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