KidLit MTV with Susie Jaramillo – CANTICOS’ MY LITTLE DONKEY

KidLit MTV with Susie Jaramillo - CANTICOS' MY LITTLE DONKEY

What’s the best present you could ever give? Love! That’s just what a little donkey is bringing to give to the baby Jesus in Bethlehem. Join Susie Jaramillo as she sings one of the most popular Christmas carols in Spanish “Mi Burrito Sabanero” from CANTICO’S MY LITTLE DONKEY/MI BURRITO for a special holiday episode of KidLit MTV. Happy Holidays!


MY LITTLE DONKEY/ MI BURRITO is a bilingual (English & Spanish) holiday book based on one of the most popular Christmas carols in Spanish: “Mi Burrito Sabanero” (The Little Donkey from the Savannah). This tale follows the journey of a trotting donkey on his way to Bethlehem to meet baby Jesus.

Canticos (“little songs”) is a branded collection of some of the most beloved nursery rhymes and songs from all over the Spanish-speaking world. Designed by parents with love and care, Canticos features endearing characters brought to life through books, apps, sing-a-long videos and more. Our mission is to foster multilingual learning that promotes child development by building fine motor skills, language, music, and math skills.
We hope you love our products inspired by nursery rhymes and created to foster your child’s development.

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