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READ OUT LOUD with Devon Michael Sangiovanni HE LOVES ME! HE TRULY LOVES ME!

Join author/illustrator Devon Michael Sangiovanni for Read Out Loud as he shares HE LOVES ME! HE TRULY LOVES ME! — the heart-warming story of a gentle, little kitten’s journey to finding an owner to care for him. A calming story with a happy ending, its perfect to watch with the young readers in your life at quiet time or before bed.

About the Book

It all started a long, long time ago with a tiny, little furball kitten with big, beautiful blue eyes and a heart to match! His fur was so soft and cuddly and his heart was full of love! Journey along with this adorable little kitten as he waits anxiously to see who the lucky one will be, who will get to share all this love with me! Unfortunately, it didn’t happen that easily. Read on to find out what decision he made that changed his life forever.

Filled with colorful images and a heartwarming plot, this children’s book about cats will definitely be a perfect bedtime story for toddlers too! This incredible work doesn’t only stimulate their imagination. It also encourages parents to teach their kids to find their strengths to grow and succeed!

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About Devon Michael Sangiovanni

Devon Michael was a children’s songwriter who studied with a piano prodigy right outside of New York City for 9 years. His life was changed forever when he was blessed with a tiny, little furball kitten with big, beautiful blue eyes and a heart to match! Devon made a decision to turn his natural lyrical gifts and talents to publishing and he now comes to share with you and the world all the love that was so generously given to him. Delight your children and grandchildren for years to come as you follow along with them in the Mupsie Series and share in all the love they were blessed with on their wonderful journey together. Much Love, Devon and Mups!

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