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Learn about idioms — words that mean so much more than what they seem — with Dorenda Doyle on Read Out Loud! Her new book THE KID WITH THE EAR SPLITTING SCREAM is the first in a series all about figurative language and is perfect to read at home or to use in the classroom!

KidLit TV Kids! Can you think of other idioms that weren’t included in Dorenda’s book? Share them with us in the comments below or (with a trusted adults’ help) on social media using #ReadOutLoud!

About the Book

Can a Heart truly break?

Does a brain really scatter?

Come help THE KID (and THE DOG) discover what matters!

THE KID with the EAR-SPLITTING SCREAM! is the first in a series of books on “idioms” or figurative language (words & phrases that mean so much more than just what they say) by best-selling author and retired educator, Dorenda Doyle.

Fun way to teach figurative language to kids, ages 3-10, grades Pre-K to gr 5. Meets various State Education Course of Study requirements, especially for figurative language and ESL.

MORE books in THE KID and THE DOG series!
About Dorenda Doyle

Dorenda Doyle is a retired teacher who claims EVERY student she ever had as “one of her kids!” Her favorite job in the world is being a grandmother (BoBo & Gamma) to one grandson and seven granddaughters.

She loves the outdoors and loves taking her grandkids on nature walks, helping them find little treasures and making nature art projects out of the leaves, shells, twigs, rocks, and nuts that they find. She is also an avid Disney fan, and is always game for a movie, game or trip to the actual place! Who says you have to grow up?!?

THE KID books are inspired by not only her grandkids and her former students, but most especially by her own son and his antics growing up. THE DOG is inspired by her love of all animals. Shadow and Murphy, her rescue dogs, are her constant companions and are always happy to share their opinions of her book ideas! Taco, her rescue cat, is patiently waiting for her turn in the spotlight. (Is there a THE CAT book in the future?!?)

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Connect with Dorenda Doyle
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Kid Lit TV Commenter Bama Girl

What a wonderful and creative way to explain to young children the funny things about the English language! Keep up the great work, Dorenda Doyle! You’re the best!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Mudflap

I love it. Dorenda’s voice goes perfect with the story, I would like to see the whole book series in video and audible formats. Dorenda Doyle picks up the flag and carries on with a rhyme and rhythm style just as good as the infamous Dr Seuss, who understood how to catch the imagination of children and make learning fun.

Kid Lit TV Commenter Dorenda

Wow! This is AWESOME praise … I never thought my name would be mentioned alongside Dr. Seuss! I am humbled and inspired at the same time! Thank you from my heart!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Dorenda

Thank you! That is part of what I aim for when writing a children’s book–one that engages the kid and won’t bore the parent or teacher who might also be reading it! I really want every book to bring a laugh … and if it teaches something too, that’s a bonus!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Dorenda

Thank you! My whole goal is to make reading FUN! If reading is fun, kids will do more of it. And, if kids are reading more, they’ll be learning more! WIN-WIN!


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