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Join Julie D’Ann as she shares her picture book WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE? It’s a story which shows young readers that we all have the power to choose whether we feel good or bad — even in tricky or emotional situations! Learn to breathe deeply, praise yourself, and take the sometimes tough decision to choose positivity. Watch and find out which you would choose!

About the Book

Children typically grow up being taught to bottle or restrain emotions, not knowing that they can actually CHOOSE how they feel in any given moment. In fact, it is the one thing we can always ever do in any given moment: choose how we feel. We do this by choosing a better thought!
Each page contains a situation to which a child can relate emotionally, and then there are two options: either to choose a better feeling thought or a worse feeling thought. Just like a path that splits, a child could take one way and feel good about the situation or take the other way and feel bad about the situation. Either way, the child is still the same person in the end, but do they want to take the fun path or the hard path?

About Julie D’Ann

Julie started practicing meditation and yoga about 15 years ago and is a certified Life Transformation Coach. In the past few years, Julie began adapting her knowledge and skills in the best health, meditation, and breathwork practices to apply to children, creating a new program to teach what she calls a “Time Within”. Her passion for teaching meditation to children in schools is expressed in her TEDx Talk available on YouTube as the #1 Tool Every School Needs to Teach and Every Child Needs to Know. Sharing her experiences while bringing these life-changing practices into classrooms has become Julie’s mission.

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