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StoryMakers with Maria Castellucci Moore VIVIENNE IN PARIS

StoryMakers with Maria Castellucci Moore VIVIENNE IN PARIS

Bonjour! On StoryMakers, take a trip to The City of Lights with your five senses and Maria Castellucci Moore, author of VIVIENNE IN PARIS. Join Rocco in learning about Vivienne, the magical city of Paris, and try some words and phrases in French.

Kids! Don’t miss the printable VIVIENNE IN PARIS activities below! Share your tourist for a day drawings and descriptions with us and we will display them in our KidLit TV Gallery and on social media!

About the Book

• Winner of the Moms Choice Award •

Vivienne in Paris follows a young Parisian girl on a journey through Paris to find what makes her tick. Join Vivienne as she discovers the sights, smells, tastes, and sounds of the city that make her feel alive. What better place to explore, observe, and delight in her senses than Paris?

This book tells a story of mindfulness and insight into how the surrounding world can really move you. It unites curiosity, wonder, and marvel to enlighten, surprise, and tickle your deepest spirit. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that bring you the greatest joy.

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About Maria Castellucci Moore

Owner Entrepreneur, first-generation American, writer, and mother to four children. Maria Castellucci Moore strives to bring passion and enthusiasm to all her endeavors. A lover of all things European, María has found great passion through her travels to Paris, Italy, Spain, and South America.

María Castellucci Moore earned her bachelor of arts degree in finance from Dominican University on a tennis scholarship, and later pursued studying at New York University and the London School of Economics with a focus on global affairs. She is a board member of the San Francisco Opera Guild and is enthusiastic about building opportunity and community through the arts.

María resides in Saint Helena, California, with her husband and four young children. She enjoys writing; traveling; attending the opera, ballet, and symphony; flower arranging; winemaking; ballroom dancing; and playing tennis and the piano.

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