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StoryMakers with Sam Thompson WOLFSTONGUE & THE FOX’S TOWER

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StoryMakers with Sam Thompson  WOLFSTONGUE and THE FOX’S TOWER

Author Sam Thompson, creator of WOLFSTONGUE and its sequel THE FOX’S TOWER, has traveled all the way from Ireland to join us for StoryMakers! Learn about his series which is built around a magical, hidden world where animals like wolves and foxes can speak. Discover the characters and the story behind the series’ inspiration.

Kids! If you were to design a world for your favorite animal what would it look like? Watch the video to hear Rocco’s ideas and then share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

About WOLFSTONGUEWinner of a Spark School Book Award 2022
A USBBY Outstanding International Book 2023
Winner of a Literacy Association of Ireland Biennial Children’s Book Award 2023

Silas is getting bullied at school because his words will not come. He wishes he could live in silence as animals do. Deep in the Forest, the foxes live in an underground city built by their wolf slaves. The foxes’ leader Reynard controls everything with his clever talk.
One day Silas meets an injured wolf and helps him. Isengrim, Hersent and their pups are the only wolves left, moving between the human and animal worlds using hidden passageways as they fight to survive.
When Silas enters the secret world of the Forest he will learn that, even here, language is power. Can he find his voice in time to help his wolf friends – can he become the Wolfstongue?


Longlisted for a 2022 British Science Fiction Association Award
A Culture Night Ireland Read Mór selection 2023

Willow’s dad tells strange stories about a hidden Forest where animals can speak, and about his childhood adventures with a pack of wolves. Then he disappears: stolen by foxes in the night.

To find him, Willow must enter the secret world of the Forest. There she must speak with wolves and find the magical Tower where the foxes are ruled by their silver-tongued leader, Reynard.

Reynard needs Willow’s help. But can she trust the story he is telling? Can Willow save her dad and find a way out of the Fox’s Tower?

About Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson is the author of the novels Communion Town and Jott, the children’s novels Wolfstongue and The Fox’s Tower, and the story collection Whirlwind Romance. His work has been longlisted for the Man Booker Prize, the Edge Hill Prize and a British Science Fiction Association Award, has been shortlisted for the Encore Prize, has won a Spark School Book Award and a Literacy Association of Ireland Biennial Book Award, and has been chosen as an Outstanding International Book by the US Board on Books for Young People.

His short fiction has appeared in Best British Short Stories 2019 and on BBC Radio 4, and in anthologies from Blackstaff Press, Unsung Stories and No Alibis Press, among other places.

He grew up in the south of England and now lives in Belfast, where he teaches writing at Queen’s University

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